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Operating pneumatic isolation systems requires the availability of compressed-air. Air-spring systems made by cplusw are often used in tasks which are very sensitive regarding vibration and noise. In these cases it is important to pay attention to the compressed-air generation. It is necessary that no more sources of interference are created.

If there is no central compressed-air supply available there are two options: The supply with gas containers or the supply with appropriate, quiet and low-vibration compressor.

Gas containers are preferable if disturbances cannot be tolerated because they do neither create noise nor vibrations. Containers can also be used reasonable as a back-up system if there is a compressed-air breakdown or if there is need for higher compression. Using gas containers one has to consider relevant directions. If required cplusw takes over the scheduling and delivery of the supply system.

The flexible option concerning the compressed-air supply arises from the use of compressed-air compressors. As a result of the low emission level for sound and vibration cplusw recommends the use of compressors made by Jun-AirÔ. Detailed tests have convinced of reliability and quality. Therefore cplusw distributes the complete delivery programme of the company Jun-Air.

To assure a seamless insert every Jun-AirÔ compressor is adjusted to the cplusw air-springs systems before delivery.

Cplusw realises customised systems based on Jun-AirÔ components and those made by other companys.

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