NV 800 air spring

Product information

NV800 air springs are ideal for supporting high sensitive experiments, machines and equipment.

These isolators can be used in a wide range of load because of their unique design.

The characteristic attributes remain in narrow limits and do not underlie a strong load dependence like comparable products do. Consequently the NV800 are ideal for storing equipment with asymmetric load distribution. In addition the broad load range serves for future upgrades which is common in scientific equipment.

The use of an extreme thin membrane makes the NV800 behave almost like an ideal air spring in the vertical direction. The resonance frequency is about 1,5 Hz. In case of horizontal disturbances an inverse pendulum which is installed inside the chamber offers excellent isolation features with a resonance frequency as low as 1,3 Hz.

NV800 air-springs are inherently safe and designed for lowmaintenance. Integrated limit stops prevent any overload condition. After having installed it once no more adjustments are necessary.

A complete set contains three or rather four NV800 air-springs as well as the needed number of height controllers HR2. In the normal case not more than three height controllers HR2 are needed for additional NV800 isolators.

Special versions are available on request.

Order example

air spring NV800-4
(4 pcs. NV800 with 3 pcs. HR2)

qty.order numberload class [kg]maximum compression [bar]remarks
1NV800130-800 (1000)*8 (10)*without height controller
3NV800-3390-2400 (3000)*8 (10)*including height controller
4NV800-4520-3200 (4000)*8 (10)*including height controller
Higher load classes without problems possible by adding additional isolators.
*: special version with 10 bar on requestsubject to alterations

Dimensions NV 800 air spring

specificationD [mm]H1[mm]H2[mm]fvertical [Hz]*)fhorizontal [Hz]*)
standard180610 ± 855 ± 151,5 ± 0,2ca. 1,3
customer specific180400 - 80030 - 801,5 ± 0,2ca. 1,3
*): depends on loadsubject to alterations

Optional system components

HR2 height controller
Silent Compressor
Base plates


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