NV 150 extender

Product information

Extender for NV150 allow the flexible application of NV150 air springs. There are two standard sizes available. Special sizes can be delivered customised.

Extender are prepared ready for use ex factory.

Included in delivery are four leveling feets and fixing elements for a secure retainer of the air springs. The integrated bulkhead fitting for a 6x1 flexible hose provides an easy access for the compressed-air supply.

Dedicated bores allow an ideal fixation for the height controller HR2.

Height controller as well as air springs are not included in delivery.

Order example

ET-L: Extender with 540mm height

sizeorder numberH [mm]A [mm]B [mm]remarks
LET-L540 ± 8100160 
SET-S290 ± 8100160 
customer spezificET-XXX300 - 1000100160XXX: height in mm


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